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Afghan Midwives Association (AMA)

Founded in 2005, the Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) aims to promote and strengthen the midwifery profession and the role of the midwife to ensure the well-being of women and families in Afghanistan through representation for and on behalf of midwives and women.

The AMA has developed several objectives to reach their goal. The association will

* Promote excellence in practice through leadership, continuing education, professional accountability, and standards development.

* Work within the International Confederation of Midwives Code of Ethics.


Afghan Health & Development Services (AHDS), an organization founded by Afghans, is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-political organization. Since being established in April 1990, AHDS has concerned itself in rehabilitating Afghanistan's health infrastructure and providing comprehensive primary health care services to the needy Afghan Population.

Our vision is to obtain highest possible level of health for the people of Afghanistan and we try to achieve this through stimulating provision of health care based on capacity building and development.

Association of Centres for International Cooperation - COS Netherlands

COS Netherlands is a nationwide, independent association of Dutch centres for international cooperation. The association consists of one national and fourteen local offices. Whereas the local offices are uniquely embedded in their region, the national office plays a key role as an intermediary between the local offices and COS’ national partners.

In its region, a local COS offers essential support to a wide range of institutions, NGO’s and individuals. The world is its frame of reference, the region its playing field!

Cordaid Memisa

Cordaid Memisa combines more than 90 years’ experience and expertise in emergency aid and structural poverty eradication. Cordaid is one of the biggest international development organisations with a network of almost a thousand partner organisations in 36 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

HealthNet TPO

HealthNet TPO is a knowledge-driven, non-profit organization that works in areas disrupted by war, disasters and poverty. Working together with local populations we channel emergency aid into sustainable health care development.

International Confederation of Midwives (ICM)

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) supports and advises associations of midwives.
The ICM is an accredited non-governmental organisation and works closely with the WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF and other organisations worldwide to achieve common goals in the care of mothers and children.

Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan

In April 2004 the Cabinet of the Transitional Government of Afghanistan requested all
Government ministries to submit their vision for the next ten years. The Ministry of Public Health’s vision is ‘Better health for all Afghans in order to contribute to economic and social development’

Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Every hour of every day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promotes the interests of the Kingdom abroad. The Ministry coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy at its headquarters in The Hague and through its missions abroad. It is likewise the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations.

Public Health Consultants (PHC)

Public Health Consultants (PHC) in Action is a company owned by 9 senior consultants. The group mainly works in the areas of public health, social welfare and community development. The professional backgrounds of the consultants are medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, social science, anthropology and paramedical sciences. All consultants have a postgraduate degree in public health or management.

Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives (KNOV)

The Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives is the only midwifery organisation in the Netherlands.
It was founded in 1898 and the aims are to strengthen the position of midwives in the health care system (union work); improving quality of care, developing standards and guidelines, representing midwives in official policymaking bodies, representing midwives in organisations with health care insurances, with other medical professionals and taking care of common interests.

Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam is an independent centre of knowledge and expertise in the areas of international and intercultural cooperation, operating at the interface between theory and practice and between policy and implementation. The Institute contributes to sustainable development, poverty alleviation and cultural preservation and exchange.