Why a MDG5 Meshwork for Improving Maternal Heatlh?

Over half a million women still die each year from treatable and preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth. The odds that a woman will die from these causes in sub-Saharan Africa are 1 in 22 over the course of her lifetime, compared to 1 in 7,300 in the developed world (UN Millennium Development Goal 5 Fact Sheet, 2008).

Improving maternal health remains a challenging task, and compared to the other MDGs, this remains the area of least progress. The MDG5 Meshwork for Improving Maternal Health aims to develop innovative and effective partnerships between over thirty organizations based in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and the Netherlands that hold different pieces of the larger maternal health puzzle, each with their own specific expertise, in order to develop systemic solutions that are aligned with local needs and circumstances.