About the MDG5 Meshwork for Improving Maternal Heatlh

Welcome to the website of the MDG5 Meshwork for Improving Maternal Health , a cross-sector, cross-disciplinary network of over thirty organizations based in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and the Netherlands.

The purpose of the MDG5 Meshwork is to develop innovative and effective partnerships that contribute to the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 5, to improve maternal health.

The partners within the MDG5 Meshwork collaborate on improving maternal health in five projects, all of them cutting across traditional boundaries between disciplines and sectors:
1. Reduction of maternal mortality in Afghanistan;
2. Reduction of maternal mortality in Sierra Leone;
3. Mother's Night, national continuation and international expansion of the concept;
4. Development of heat-stable Oxytocin;
5. Stimulating Linking & Learning between the partners and projects of the MDG5 Meshwork.

This website offers information on the MDG5 Meshwork in general and the projects and partners in more detail. Also this website offers an interface to the Maternal Health Portal, an information portal that gives access to free, full-text electronic documents sharing examples of practical projects and initiatives contributing to MDG5.

Partners can log in on the left to visit the collaboration space to connect and collaborate with other partners.