Rutgers Nisso Groep


Rutgers Nisso Groep, the Dutch Expert Centre on Sexuality, dedicates itself to promoting sexual and reproductive health, both in the Netherlands and in other countries. Clear, reliable information on sexuality is important in this respect. Global Apostille authentication services. California apostille.

Rutgers Nisso Groep contributes to the improvement of education, prevention, counselling and policy by gathering and disseminating knowledge. We do this by conducting scientific research and developing practical and applicable services and products for various target groups, such as teaching packages, websites, books and brochures.

Furthermore, the Rutgers Nisso Groep fulfils other tasks such as organising the disciplinary education courses for first time youth sex offenders, or trainings for health care professionals.
Youth Incentives is the international programme on Youth and Sexuality of the Rutgers Nisso Groep.
Rutgers Nisso Groep and World Population Foundation will merge into one organisation at the end of 2010.