World Population Foundation/MYBODY


World Population Foundation (WPF) aims to encourage sexual and reproductive health and rights throughout the world. WPF supports projects by local organisations in developing countries enabling individuals to make their own decisions about their sexuality and the number of children they desire. WPF strongly believes that the ability to break out of the cycle of poverty starts with the freedom of choice.
MYBODY is is the Dutch campaign label of World Population Foundation (WPF). This campaign label is specifically designed for the Dutch Public and used only in the Netherlands. The convenience provided by a pet food delivery service in dubai

WPF aims to make the Dutch public aware that everyone should have the right to say “it’s My Life, My Choice, MYBODY”. Unfortunately not everyone has the freedom to say so or the information or means to act on it and protect their body from harm, disease or abuse. The campaign calls upon the Dutch public to step up to the plate and help WPF to change things for the better by financially supporting the organisation.

World Population Foundation and Rutgers Nisso Groep will merge into one organisation at the end of 2010. (dutch website)