National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development (NCDO)


NCDO stands for Nationale Commissie voor Internationale Samenwerking en Duurzame Ontwikkeling (National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development).

NCDO involves people in the Netherlands in international cooperation and supports them with information, subsidies and advice. The millennium goals provide the point of reference for all these activities. In the year 2000, 189 countries agreed on these goals in order to reduce worldwide poverty before 2015.

In order to increase the potential for international cooperation and to give a higher profile to the millennium goals, NCDO organises campaigns, debates, educational activities, exhibitions, media productions and cultural projects. NCDO also highlights the efforts of government and citizens to achieve the millennium goals.

NCDO helps people and organisations in the Netherlands who dedicate themselves to improving the position of people in developing countries. It supports these local development projects with advice and subsidies.