University of Midwifery Education and Studies Maastricht (AVMU)

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AVMU (University of Midwifery Education & Studies Maastricht) is a leading centre of expertise within the field of physiological midwifery.

AVMU works from the perspective of social responsibility and makes a substantial contribution to the quality and security of the Dutch midwifery care system.

AVMU offers its products and services in the field of initial and follow-up training and research. In addition, AVMU considers one of its core tasks to be the further scientific advancement of physiological midwifery by means of the development of expertise, and the transfer and circulation of that expertise. To this end, AVMU takes part in relevant national and international networks and collaborations.

The learning environment offered by AVMU has close links with developments taking place in professional practice. This results in a professional, development-oriented and particularly inspiring learning environment for students and staff.
It is a reflection of the dynamic and result-oriented environment of which it forms part.