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Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Center for Human Emergence (CHE)

meshwork design, meshwork development, strategy deveolpment, strategic connector, innovation, learning

Betty Sam
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Diederick Janse Center for Human Emergence (CHE) Meshworking, multistakeholder collaboration, organization design and development, process design and facilitation
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Francess Fornah Head of the School of Midwifery Masuba, Makeni (SoMM). Mrs Fornah is a nurse/midwife and a midwife educator. She holds a diploma in Public Health.
Jennie van de Weerd Cordaid
karenverhoosel's picture
karenverhoosel Wageningen UR - Centre for Development Innovation
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Korrie de koning Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Korrie de Koning, M.Sc. Med, is a social scientist and a specialist in public health, education and community development. Her expertise covers a range of areas such as sexual and reproductive health management and education; gender and health; quality assurance; curriculum development and organisation of training. Korie is een expert in qualitative and participatroy research and transfer of research in policy and practice.

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Merel Martens Royal Tropical Institute (KIT)

Health Systems, Health Insurance, Maternal Health

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Monique Lagro Cordaid

Coordinator MDG5 Meshwork

Myschka Smit Cordaid

Overall financial coordination MDG5 Meshwork